Are Your Emails Compliant with the Latest Anti-Spam Regulations?

Google & Yahoo are demanding that businesses using email to communicate with their customers must authenticate themselves first. 

If you don’t, then your emails will join the other 22 billion emails that get blocked daily by their AI-powered spam defenses… 

Not to worry though because you’re here on this page is a red button that will tell you if your emails will get past their spam checkers…

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Our Process

Step 1.

Clicking the red button and register.

Step 2.

Send a test email from your email platform to the unique address we provide.

Step 3.

Within minutes discover if your DKIM, SPF and DMARC records are set up correctly.

Google & Yahoo use these records to see if you’re eligible to send to their users.

(If missing or set up incorrectly, your emails will land in spam and won’t get read!)

Are You Ready For Google and Yahoo's New Email Rules?

From February 1st, 2024, Google and Yahoo will no longer deliver emails that have not been correctly authenticated.

Use our FREE Authentication Checker to make sure the emails you're sending will still get to your audience when the new rules come into force.

Register using the form below and you'll be shown how to quickly and easily test your authentication.